Beginners Guide to Xeriscape Landscaping in San Diego

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Chances are, if you live in San Diego you’ve heard the term “xeriscape”. But just in case, we’ll give you brief reminder of what xeriscape landscapes are all about.

Xeriscaping got its start in Denver, Colorado and quickly grew in popularity throughout dry western states. However, you don’t need to live in a hot climate to appreciate the benefits of drought-tolerant landscapes. In fact, homeowners all over the US have adopted this eco-friendly practice because of the financial savings and positive environmental impact.

San Diego Xeriscape Landscape Design


Drought-friendly landscapes benefit the environment by reducing a homeowners’ water usage by as much as 50-75%. It is said that an average home uses roughly 112 gallons of water per day, and often times 50% or more is used on the yard. Xeriscapes eliminate the need for watering your outdoor landscapes, while the native plant-life flourishes with little maintenance required.

Conservation incentives may vary from county to county, so check with your local water department to find out if any apply to you.

San Diego Xeriscape Landscape Design

Xeriscape landscape design typically starts with the removal of grass lawns and replacing with sand, stones, mulch, and drought-friendly vegetation. San Diego is a coastal desert and boasts several beautiful species of plant-life that require little to no water. Some of our favorite native San Diego plants include:


-Mondo Grass

-Crape Myrtle Trees





xeriscape landscaping san diego

-Feather Reed Grass

xeriscape landscaping san diego

-Barrel Cactus

barrel cactus


xeriscape landscaping san diego

-Aloe Vera

xeriscape landscaping

-Blue Agave

xeriscape landscaping

A common misconception about xeriscape landscapes is that you need to love the “desert vibe.” If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of drought-proof plants that are lush and colorful. Our design experts can talk with you about the style of your home and your personal tastes – and you’ll be amazed at the xeriscape ideas that we can bring to life.

Drip irrigation plays hand-in-hand with xeriscaping, as it directs water straight to the base of the plants, eliminating waste and preventing water evaporation. It’s best to group plants together with similar water needs so you can further aid the environment by preventing overwatering.

The Deep Rooted Designs team has had the pleasure of helping several San Diego homeowners turn their lackluster yards into xeriscape landscapes. From North Park, South Park, and Mission Hills, all the way to Lakeside and Carmel Valley – SD residents are obsessing over eco-friendly outdoor living spaces. With the water criss in Southern California, it’s never made more sense to convert your thirsty landscapes into stunning and sustainable outdoor living spaces.

San Diego Xeriscape Landscape Design

The best reasons to have a xeriscape landscape in San Diego:

+blends in with the SD coastal desert vibe

+reduces water usage

+lowers costly water bills

+more visually interesting versus grass lawns

+requires almost zero maintenance

+plant-life natural to the San Diego region is beautiful

If your current home needs a front-yard or back-yard spruce, contact Deep Rooted Designs to book a complimentary consultation. We’d love to help you create an outdoor living space that saves water, benefits the environment, and takes your outdoor entertainment game to the next level.