Montclair Street

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The owner of this North Park craftsman home is a big outdoor entertaining enthusiast. After making extensive upgrades to his backyard, he realized that he needed help designing and constructing a front yard that was just as remarkable.

Our design team put together a new landscape concept from scratch. What you can’t see from the before photos is that we needed to kick-off the project by removing a 40 foot pine tree…Not the easiest task! The home also had an outdated entryway and the driveway desperately needed re-paving. Being on the corner of the street, this home was a focal point in their neighborhood. Our goal was to create a landscape that would refresh the space, give the home a “finished” look, and require less maintenance overall.

Noteworthy Elements:

  • Updated Walkway with Custom Concrete Pavers
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Mangaris Decking
  • Custom Planter for Privacy Shield
  • Drought Tolerant Plant-life