Los Ranchitos Road

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We collaborated with first-time homeowners in Lakeside to take their outdoor living space from lackluster to eye-catching. We were excited to break ground in Lakeside because most of our projects tend to be located in Central San Diego.

Lakeside is full of single family homes and is scolding hot in the summer – a combination that has homeowners craving drought-proof landscapes that they can enjoy during those oh-so-fun 100+ degree heatwaves.

Before the renovation, their yard looked lifeless and dull. The first goal we set to accomplish was to give these homeowners a front yard that they were proud to come home to. The second goal was to design a xeriscape landscape to create a low-maintenance, drought-proof space to reduce their water usage and ease up on the household chores. The results of our efforts were incredible and we were proud to help this couple achieve the outdoor living space of their dreams.

Noteworthy Elements:

  • Leveled Front Yard
  • Installed Stucco Wall to Match Home
  • Premium Redwood Fencing
  • Re-paved driveway
  • Custom Concrete Pavers
  • Mangaris Decking
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Drought Tolerant Plant-life