Lambda Street

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The Lambda Street project will go down in history as one of our more unique projects. This outdoor living space redesign in Del Cerro was unique for a few reasons:

  • the architectural aspect of the phantom wall
  • the backyard had a large slope that wasted a ton of outdoor living space
  • the complexity of the carpentry involved
  • we were able to co-design this project alongside Duende Design.


Duende Design took the lead on the phantom wall as well as leveled a large portion of the backyard. Initially, a large slope overtook a ton of usable space. They created approximately 450 square feet of additional outdoor living space that our landscape design team was then able to transform into what you see now.

Our priority was the landscape design and construction of the outdoor living space itself. We wanted to create a backyard that could be used for entertainment and everyday living…and to make sure that the inside and outside blended seamlessly.

Noteworthy Elements:

  • Mangaris Exotic Hardwood Decking
  • Custom Pergola
  • Dog Run and Fencing
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Built-in Grill Station
  • Bench seating with custom accents