Bamboo creates privacy in your san diego landscaping

How to Create Privacy Using Plants

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Privacy is a big factor when it comes to our backyard or garden. With smaller lot sizes in San Diego, we tend to feel a bit closer than we would like! As much as we love our neighbors, or wish we loved our neighbors, we would appreciate to spend time in our backyard with privacy making it feel like a secluded area rather than a shared space. Privacy plants are a fantastic way to do this. Although they do not provide as much seclusion as a ten foot wall — they add greenery to your backyard and keep prying eyes away!


A larger quantity of smaller plants may be appealing, but when looking for privacy, the best decision is to go with a few larger plants over 6 feet tall. Initially purchasing larger plants prevents waiting years for smaller plants to grow into the size and width you are looking for.


Plants do not grow in cohesive parallel rows in nature, so to create a more natural looking landscape, layer your plants and shrubs. Install groups of shrubs, evergreens, and sections of perennial grass across your backyard to create a natural sense of privacy. In addition to privacy, it creates depth, dimension, and a range of colors and textures. A win-win in our book 🙂 


When seeking privacy, vertical plants are the way to go! Consider using climbing plants such as roses, jasmine, or creeping fig to continue the vertical growth. Place them in larger bases such as raised beds to add to the height of the plants.


Whatever privacy you need for your space, there is a plant that will supply it! Think ornamental grasses or climbing vines, trees, bamboo or shrub hedges. Ivy Clads are a classical privacy plant due to the growth of the upper leaves. When planted together, they create uniformed coverage as they form into one unit. Not looking for a tree? Try the English Dwarf Laurel, that creates dense, grassy shrubs to cover an entire area for complete privacy.  Lastly, consider bamboo for a light and airy privacy screen. Before making a decision on any of these privacy plants, look into the maintenance each requires to be realistic about the time you are willing to up keep these plants.


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