Summer Landscaping Tips from the Pro’s

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San Diego Summer Landscape Design Tips

Summer Landscaping Tips from the Pros

It is that time of the year again, the days are growing longer, the sun is getting warmer, and the temperatures are rising along with it. Often times, we see clients immediately relying on their air conditioner, which we all know creates high-energy bills. We are here to offer some landscaping alternatives to beat the infamous San Diego Summer heat!

Landscape design can have a significant impact on your Summer costs to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency. Before you begin, take some time to understand the construction of your home. Where does the sun hit in the morning and the afternoon? Is there a particularly shady spot you tend to head towards to escape the heat? To help you better understand the basic solar orientation we have broken it down below:

  • East: The east side of the house will receive direct morning sun but will be shaded in the afternoon by the shadow of the house itself.
  • West: The west side of the house will be shaded in the morning but fully exposed to the hot afternoon sun.
  • South: The south side of the house receives the most sunlight throughout the day but never as intensely as the east or west sides.
  • North: The north facing side of the house is primarily in shade.

Once you have a firm understanding of the sunlight in your backyard, you can utilize this information to create a plan for your landscape construction. It’s all about using your backyard efficiently in the summer! We suggest:

  1. Plant trees to shade windows from direct sunlight. Focus on the sides of your house that get the most sunlight, particularly, the south and west sides, to create a cooling effect. The best trees block sunlight to escape heat but allow sunlight to filter through in the later months once the leaves have shed.

      2. Create a path for a breeze. Plant trees in rows to force wind flow through the funnel to establish a windbreak.

      3.Build your porches and decks on the east side of your home. This eliminates the strong afternoon sun and allows you to             enjoy the cooler mornings on the deck.

      4. Consider your ground-covers. If you have a lot of concrete, dark granite, or stone that reflect heat, you can often cause               higher temperatures in your backyard. The most effectively ground-cover to eliminate heat is plants.

Most San Diego homes are not designed for energy conservation so it is up to you to create a landscape design that contributes to cooling in summer and heating in the winter.

Now it’s time to use these tips to recreate your landscape design and turn your backyard into a summer oasis!

Thanks for reading all! If you have any questions please contact us!


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