Project Spotlight – Xeriscape Outdoor Remodel in North Park, Ca.

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We’re really excited to showcase one of our latest projects from Montclair St in North Park, San Diego. Patrick, our amazing client, is a big outdoor entertainer and had made extensive improvements to his backyard. He called Deep Rooted Designs to help him construct a front yard that was just as remarkable.

Our design team put together a new landscape concept from scratch. What you can’t see in this before photo is the 40’ pine tree that needed to be removed. The home also had an outdated entryway and the driveway desperately needed re-paving. This home is nestled on the corner and is a focal point in their neighborhood. Our goal was to create a landscape that would refresh the space, give the home a “finished” look, and require less maintenance overall.

To update the walk-way, we poured large 6’ by 5’ concrete pavers and installed a time-insert between them to make the space look more interesting to the eye. Now, the new walkway looks updated and modern.. The landscape lighting will help illuminate the entryway for this homeowner and also show off the clean lines of his new landscape design.

We also added a deck to the front yard for added outdoor entertaining/leisure space. The deck is made from Mangaris and has a completely level transition from the front walkway. The planter you see in the photos was installed to create a privacy shield for the homeowners when lounging on the deck. The plants are still in their infant state, but will soon grow tall to create a secluded oasis.

What we really loved about this project was completely transforming the dead grass and overgrown shrubbery into the urban oasis that it is now. The homeowner not only improved the visual aesthetic of his home, but added additional outdoor living space to enjoy. Who says all of the fun has to happen in the backyard?