Landscape Design Trends Happening Now

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Just like any trends, landscape design trends can come and go. If your outdoor space gives you flashbacks of decades passed, it might be time to spruce things up.   Here are some of our current favorite landscape design trends that are easy to incorporate, are good for the planet, and that we think are here to stay for the long-haul.

Use of Natural Materials

Natural Materials Landcsape Design San Diego

We prefer a more natural approach to landscape design; and find ourselves using a mixture of natural materials and textures like redwood, concrete, bamboo, rocks, etc. Preference aside, using natural materials is more maintainable and can give your yard a well-manicured  look. Rocks are one of our favorite landscaping details simply because you don’t have to water them! To add in some color, plant succulents and cacti and then fill in the space between with various rocks. Wood patios, patio covers, pergolas and fences are also a nice touch – because wood adds structure and a grounding, earthy feel to the outdoor space.

Fruits & Veggies

Image of herbs landscape design trends san diego

If you have the space, adding your own garden doesn’t just add beauty to your yard, but your kitchen as well! We’re seeing gardens come front and center as a top design trend of 2017. Strawberries and lettuce anyone? Don’t forget the herbs too! We love planting basil, cilantro and chives for quick additions to home cooked meals.

Water Features

add water features to your landscape design san diego

Water features add an undeniable serenity to your yard. A water fountain or a small pond doesn’t require much effort or cost to install, and they can really add something special to your outdoor living space. To keep it sustainable and eco-friendly, use a self-contained and recyclable system.

Color Blocking

color blocking with succulents landscape design trend san diego

Color blocking isn’t just for women’s fashion. We’re seeing this design trend pop up all over this year. Adding a pop of color to your yard with bricks, a painted wall or even outdoor rug can really make a certain part of your yard stand out.

Fire Pits

fire pit installation san diego

Now that it’s fall, there’s nothing like sitting around the fire pit in your yard making s’mores or just enjoying the crisp in the air. These make for a great focal point in your backyard, encourage gatherings, and will help ensure you spend ample time outside.

Native Plants

San Diego Summer Landscape Design Tips

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Something we don’t anticipate ever going out of style is the use of “native-to-your-region” plants. When you fill your yard with native plants, you’re bound to see less dying and more thriving. We’re a huge fan of xeriscape landscapes in San Diego. Since San Diego is technically a desert, drought-tolerant plants do very well here. You can’t go wrong with Snake Plant, Mondo Grass, Barrel Cactus or Aloe Vera. 

Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture san diego

After spending time improving your yard’s landscape, don’t forget about adding some outdoor furniture so that you can sit and admire the beauty of your outdoor living space. Most quality outdoor furniture is built using fabrics that can withstand different elements, but if you’re curious about which brands we recommend – just contact us. Going back to color blocking, we love incorporating a brighter color accent color with the outdoor furniture.

These are just a few of the landscape design trends happening now, but we think these are here to stay. Which trend is your favorite? Which one do you think you’ll implement first?

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