Indoor Outdoor Living Space

Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Remodel

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Indoor Outdoor Living Space Remodel in Del Cerro, San Diego

Happy May to all of you! Can you believe how fast this year is going? We’re going to blink and all of a sudden Spring will be over and it’ll be mid-Summer. Not that we’d ever complain about Summer…

We’re happy to report that a few miles East, lives a happy homeowner who’s counting down the days until Summer – so she can truly show off the indoor-outdoor living masterpiece we helped create.

Indoor Outdoor Living Space

The owner of this Del Cerro home is an architect and had great vision for her backyard remodel. She wanted to open up the house to create an open concept, indoor-outdoor living area. Her idea was to install a phantom wall to open up the dining room and blend it with the outdoor living area. And now we can’t help but feel that every home in San Diego should adopt this concept. Can you imagine sipping coffee at the dining room table or having lunch on the deck? Us too. 

Indoor Outdoor Living Space

This project was unique for a few reasons:

  • the architectural aspect of the phantom wall
  • the backyard had a large slope that wasted a ton of outdoor living space
  • the complexity of the carpentry involved
  • we were able to co-design this project alongside Duende Design.

We were lucky to work with Duende Design to bring this outdoor living remodel to life. Duende Design was tasked with conquering the “phantom wall,” as well as leveling a large portion of the backyard. Initially, a large slope overtook a ton of usable space. They created approximately 450 square feet of additional outdoor living space that our landscape design team was then able to transform into what you see now.

Our priority was the landscape design and construction of the outdoor living space itself. We wanted to create a backyard space that could be used for entertainment and everyday living…and to make sure that the inside and outside blended seamlessly.  In fact, our goal with any landscape design or construction project is to make it blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of the home. You’ll notice we used a lot of wood and combined the design with soft, natural hues to give this space an earthy and tranquil feel. The clean lines sharpen the space and give it structure. The subtle pops of green soften the lounge space and invite you in. We installed touches drought resistant plant life to add accents throughout the yard.

Indoor Outdoor Living Space

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As you can see by the photos, the Deep Rooted Designs team installed a stunning Mangaris deck, made from exotic hardwood. What we love so much about Mangaris decking is the pristine quality of the wood. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it truly stands up to the elements. And while San Diego doesn’t necessarily have torrential weather compared to other parts of the U.S., you don’t want to skimp on the quality of your deck.

Indoor Outdoor Living Space

To complete the deck and provide some cover from the sun, we built and installed a pergola. The pergola cover is made from the highest quality redwood on the market. 

Pergola Outdoor Living Space

We completed the backyard remodel by installing finishing touches on the side yards and front yard (front yard not pictured). The plant life installed in the front yard remodel is not quite where it needs to be for photographs, but once those babies have some time to grow, we’ll be sure to get our photographers out there for another shoot so we can show it off.

indoor outdoor living space

outdoor living san diego

Lastly, we added lighting so the deck could be enjoyed morning and night! We love how these lights turned out, don’t you?

outdoor living space

By now it’s no surprise how gorgeous this backyard remodel turned out. But it’s when we hear testimonials like this that we know we’ve truly exceeded expectations. Listen to what this homeowner, Andy, had to say.

“From the beginning I was impressed with their engagement in the project and their desire to make sure we were satisfied with all the details. They also have a talented workforce that handles not only landscaping but also complex carpentry. We’re we’re so satisfied with them that we brought them back as the prime contractor to do our front yard. James is refreshingly honest and forthright, creative, reasonably priced, and he beat his schedule. I would highly recommend that you consider Deep Rooted for your exterior remodeling needs; they manage themselves professionally, work productively, and deliver high quality results.”

And for now, we’ll stop talking so we can show off more photos of this stunning San Diego outdoor living space. For even more pictures, head over to our Facebook page to look at the entire album. We’d love to hear what you think. Please leave us a comment!

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