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12 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Space POP!

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One of the most attractive features of living in San Diego is the beautiful climate and abundant sunshine it has to offer.  But if your front or backyard doesn’t quite have that “edge,” you might never find yourself taking advantage of it.

Here are 15 ways you can make your San Diego outdoor living space POP!

1.  Waterfalls

Cleverly placed waterfalls and other water features are a great addition to any outdoor living area.  The relaxing sounds they create, as well as the stylish look when surrounded with lush vegetation, achieve a naturally calming vibe to anyone lucky enough to enjoy them.

water feature in a lush backyard

2.  Televisions

Bring the TV outside! In order to make your outdoor living area a one-stop-shop for your entertainment needs, conveniently place a television under a patio cover.  There are many creative ways to mount your television.  Society is getting more technologically based with each passing year, and this addition will cater to this trend for both your family and guests. This is a perfect option for die-hard sports fans.

3.  Incorporate Wood

Wood is a hot topic for outdoor living spaces in 2018.  More specifically, the rustic look of refurbished wood is a desirable style for outdoor living areas.  This can encompass most any area of your yard.  Repurposed fencing is a great thought, as are garden houses and patio cover materials.  The more rustic your materials, the better the overall look will be.

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4. Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Station

You used to only see these in the homes of the rich and famous, but now, people in all income brackets are investing in outdoor dining stations. You don’t need to have a large outdoor living space to reap the benefits of an outdoor bar or kitchen area.

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5.  Bright-Colored Furniture

The dull, dark-whicker look is out.  It has crashed and burned actually.  The trending look to add a special touch to your outdoor living space is to have bright colors to accent your furniture.  This can include cushions and tie-downs, or even the frame itself.  The brighter, the better! We love how this blogger brightened up her outdoor space! 

bright outdoor patio furniture

6.  Metal-Framed Lounge Chairs

The metal-framed lounge chair is back! With the adaptions to the industrial look that are currently taking hold of many designs, this lounge chair style is gaining popularity.  The style of the chair itself, beyond the metal frame, is entirely up to you. Just be sure to avoid the whicker and hard plastics that are so readily available.

7.  Open Style

Closing off your living space from the rest of your yard is an outdated trend.  The open concept is fully recommended for any outdoor living space.  Beyond the load-bearing posts that are necessary, avoid the guardrails.  Also, position furniture and kitchen accessories in a way that they don’t block off any portion of leading edge of your area.

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8.  Natural Stone Elements

Incorporate natural stone into your backyard to add eye catching texture. The best way to use natural stone is to do so asymmetrically – don’t place them neat and organized! This will add depth and interest to the stone pavers, versus the structured look you get with clean concrete pavers.

9.  Overhead Lighting

Outdoor lighting should not be limited to a corner fog light or walkways accents.  Stylish lighting is all of the rage in 2018, so your outdoor living space should replicate this trend.  Key elements on your patio can be accented with new-era style lighting.  A vintage look can also be achieved if it matches the rest of your style.

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10. Pops of Color with Vegetation

Choose shrubs and vegetation with pops of color! While these can be placed nicely around the outdoor living space itself, they are simply gorgeous when placed as a background to the area.  Property lines are much more natural when engulfed with colorful native vegetation in the distance.

11.  Archways

Archways will always be in style.  This is just a fact of life.  The materials that you choose to use, however, are what will really set your archway apart.  Refurbished wood is a great option, as well as natural stone pillars mixed with other materials for the overhead portion.  Combine this with lush vegetation, and you have a feature that is sure to pop.

12.  White Ground Lighting

There are many ways to incorporate ground lighting into your outdoor living space.  Accenting flowerbeds and gardens works well, as well as illuminating pathways and archways.  Creativity is key!

Outdoor living can be one of the most appealing aspects to living in San Diego.  There are seemingly a million ways to make your space unique and enjoyable.  The key to your design should be originality and a personal touch.  Creating a space that serves a purpose while looking stylish is the name of the game.  Your San Diego home can have an outdoor living area that really pops by taking advantage of these trendy ideas.

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